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Oracle9i Installation Guide
Release 2 ( for UNIX Systems: AIX-Based Systems, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, HP 9000 Series HP-UX, Linux Intel, and Sun Solaris
Part No. A96167-01
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Oracle9i Standard Edition and Oracle9i Enterprise Edition
Typographic Conventions
Command Syntax
Accessing Installed Documentation
Related Documentation
Oracle Services and Support

1 Oracle9i Installation Planning

Oracle9i Installation Overview
Oracle9i Products for Installation
Oracle9i Database
Oracle9i Client
Oracle9i Management and Integration
Oracle9i Database Configurations
Oracle Configuration Assistants
Oracle HTTP Server Configuration Assistant
Database Configuration Assistant
Database Upgrade Assistant
Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant
Oracle Internet Directory Configuration Assistant
Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
Oracle Workflow Configuration Assistant
Installation With Existing Oracle Databases
Upgrading Existing Oracle Databases
Upgrade Issues
Oracle9i Re-installation
Oracle9i Installation Restrictions
Installing in Character Mode
Writing To File Systems
Using Hummingbird Exceed X Window Emulator

2 Pre-Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Disk Space Requirements
Operating System Requirements
Operating System Version
Operating System Patches
Operating System Requirements to Support Oracle Real Application Clusters
JRE Patches
Product-Specific Requirements
Oracle9i Options
Precompilers and Tools
Network and System Management Products
Oracle Advanced Security
Installation Recommendations
Using Optimal Flexible Architecture
Setup Tasks to Perform as root User
Setup Tasks to Perform as the oracle User
Setup Tasks for Oracle Products
Oracle9i Components
Oracle Real Application Clusters
Precompilers and Tools
Network and System Management Products

3 Installation

Installation Mount Options
Installing Oracle9i from the CD-ROMs
Installing Oracle9i from the Hard Drive
Oracle Universal Installer
Installing Oracle9i Database
Oracle9i Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition Installation
Oracle9i Database Custom Installation
Installing Oracle9i Client
Oracle9i Client Administrator and Runtime Installation
Oracle9i Client Custom
Installing Oracle9i Management and Integration
Oracle Management Server Installation
Oracle Internet Directory Installation
Oracle9i Management and Integration Custom Installation
Reviewing a Log of an Installation Session
Non-Interactive Installation and Configuration
Preparing a Response File
Installing with a Response File
Configuring With a Response file
First Time Installation in Non-interactive Mode
Running EMCA in Non-interactive Mode
Configuration steps for OID in Non-interactive Mode
Response File Error Handling
Oracle Real Application Clusters
Oracle Real Application Clusters ORACLE_HOME
Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation on Cluster Filesystem
Oracle Real Application Clusters Installed Software Location
Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation on Linux

4 Post-Installation

Configuration Tasks to Perform as the root User
Creating Additional UNIX Accounts
Verifying Database File Security
Changing Group Membership of the Apache User
Automating Database Startup and Shutdown for HP, Linux and Solaris (Optional)
Automating Database Startup and Shutdown for AIX (Optional)
Automating Database Startup and Shutdown for Tru64 (Optional)
Configuration Tasks to Perform as the oracle User
Updating UNIX Account Startup Files
Setting Environment Variables
Initializing the oraenv Script
Single-Instance System
Multiple-Instance System
Other Oracle User Startup Files
Update the oratab File
Backing Up the Script
Setting Initialization Parameters
Post-Installation for Installed Oracle Products
Configuring Shared Server Parameters
Post-Upgrade Tasks for Oracle Internet Directory
Configuring Oracle Net Services
Configuring Oracle Messaging Gateway
Load Database Objects into the Database
Modify listener.ora file for External Procedure for Linux, Solaris 32-bit, and Tru64
Modify listener.ora file for External Procedure for AIX, HP, and Solaris 64-bit
Modify tnsnames.ora file for External Procedure
Modify mgw.ora file for External Procedure
Create Users
Installation Verification for Oracle Messaging Gateway
Additional Oracle Product Installation and Configuration
Running Oracle Configuration Assistants As Standalone Tools
Using Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
Using Database Upgrade Assistant
Using Database Configuration Assistant
Configuring New or Upgraded Databases
Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant
Configuring the Database for Additional Oracle Products
Adding Oracle Text to Your Installation
Configuring Oracle Real Application Clusters
Managing Oracle Real Application Clusters
Re-installing Oracle Real Application Clusters
Inspecting Oracle Real Application Clusters Configuration for Linux
Configuring Oracle Label Security
Configuring Oracle Precompilers
Configuring Oracle Workflow
Creating a Recovery Catalog for Recovery Manager
Configuring Secure Sockets Layer
Starter Database Contents
Unlocking and Resetting User Passwords
Unlocking and Resetting Passwords Automatically
Unlocking and Resetting Passwords Manually
Reviewing User Names and Passwords
Identifying Databases
Tablespaces and Data Files
Locating the Initialization Parameter File
Locating Redo Log Files
Locating Control Files
Using Rollback Segments
Using the Data Dictionary
Oracle Software Removal
Removing an Oracle Database with Database Configuration Assistant
Removing Oracle Internet Directory
Changing the APACHE Account GID for Removal
Removing Oracle Label Security
Removing Oracle Messaging Gateway
Removing Oracle Software with Oracle Universal Installer
Cleaning Up After a Failed Installation

A Oracle9i Components

Oracle9i Database Components
Enterprise Edition
Standard Edition
Oracle9i Client Components
Runtime Edition
Administrator Edition
Oracle9i Management and Integration Components
Oracle Management Server
Oracle Internet Directory
Oracle Workflow
Product Descriptions

B Oracle Transparent Gateway

System Requirements for Oracle Transparent Gateway
Informix Gateway Requirements
Ingres Gateway Requirements
Sybase Gateway Requirements
Teradata Gateway Requirements
Tested Gateway Configurations
Gateway Installation Worksheets
Informix Worksheet
Ingres Worksheet
Sybase Worksheet
Teradata Worksheet
Installing Oracle Transparent Gateway
Installation Procedure for Transparent Gateway
Installation Prompts for Informix Gateway
Installation Prompts for Ingres Gateway
Installation Prompts for Sybase Gateway
Installation Prompts for Teradata Gateway
Removing Oracle Transparent Gateway

C Installation Checklist

Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements
Administrative Groups
Administrative Accounts


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