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Oracle® Application Server Developer's Guide for Microsoft Office Interoperability
10g Release 3 (10.1.3)
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Part I Overview

1 Microsoft Office in the Enterprise Architecture

2 Understanding Microsoft Office 2003 Extensibility Technologies

3 Understanding Oracle Application Server Interoperability with Microsoft Office

Part II Building Microsoft Office Interoperability Solutions

4 Creating Smart Documents That Interact with Self-Service Business Processes

5 Completing Forms and Entering Data Using Microsoft Office

6 Securing Smart Documents and Web Services

7 Delivering Business Activity Monitoring Alerts and Reports to Microsoft Outlook

8 Delivering Business Intelligence Information to Microsoft Excel

9 Managing Tasks and Collaborating in Microsoft Outlook

10 Provisioning User Identity Information and Alerting Microsoft Outlook Contacts

11 Accessing in-Context Web Information and Invoking an Enterprise Portal

12 Saving Microsoft Office Documents to the OracleAS Portal Content Repository

13 Delivering Enterprise Reports to Microsoft Office with Oracle Reports

Part III Appendixes

A Code Examples