Oracle Application Server Documentation Library
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)

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Welcome to the Documentation Library

These pages contain the documentation library for Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1.2). The documentation is available in both HTML and PDF formats.

Note: The documentation library does not contain installation, migration, upgrade, or release notes information. That information is available in the Platform-specific documentation which is available on Disk 1 in the Oracle Application Server CD-Pack or on Oracle Technology Network.

Licensing Information:
Oracle Application Server Licensing Information     HTML    PDF

Quick Tour

The Oracle Application Server Quick Tour introduces the features and functionality of Oracle Application Server.

Core Documentation
Oracle Application Server Concepts HTML PDF
Oracle Application Server Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Application Server Quick Administration Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server Administrator's Guide HTML
Distributed Configuration Management Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Application Server Enterprise Deployment Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Application Server Security Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Application Server Application Developer's Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Application Server Performance Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Application Server High Availability Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Application Server Globalization Support Guide HTML PDF
Oracle Globalization Development Kit Java API Reference Javadoc  
Oracle Application Server DMS API Reference Javadoc  

Master Lists

The List of All Books, Master Glossary, and Master Index allow you to see all of the book titles, glossary entries, and index entries for the library in a central location.

Finding Information

Perform a search, with results in a tree view showing the matches in each book:

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Error Message Search: To search through the documenation for information on a specific error message, go to the error message search page.

Note: Search requires an Internet connection to and free registration on the Oracle Technology Network. If you do not have Internet access, use the Master Index or List of Books instead.

Third Party Documentation Disclaimer

Oracle Corporation does not maintain liability for or warrant any documentation and/or information accessible through links to third party Web sites. The end user accesses such documentation and/or information "as-is" for informational purposes only.

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