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Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control (Oracle Grid Control) delivers centralized management functionality for the complete Oracle IT infrastructure, including systems running Oracle and non-Oracle technologies. With a broad set of administration, configuration management, provisioning, end-to-end monitoring, and security capabilities, Oracle Grid Control reduces the cost and complexity of managing grid computing environments. Robust service-level management functionality within Oracle Grid Control dramatically improves service levels through rich transaction and end-user performance monitoring and deep diagnostics for multi-tier Internet applications. Oracle Grid Control also offers a comprehensive extensibility framework for management of custom applications and integration with other management tools. These capabilities allow companies to deliver superior performance for their systems and applications, while continually reducing management complexity and costs.

After installing and deploying the Oracle Enterprise Manager components, you can use Grid Control to:

  • Simplify deployment of Oracle solutions by cloning fully patched and tested Oracle homes to multiple hosts.
  • Quickly identify available patches for the components in your enterprise and bring those components up to the latest patch level with just a few clicks.
  • Apply consistent, proactive management practices across your enterprise using policies and management templates.
  • Automatically assess the security vulnerabilities in your enterprise using the Critical Patch Facility, which provides notifications and a direct link to Oracle Support.
  • Enhanced security rules harden the infrastructure database and host. Violation score reporting helps administrators prioritize security operations.
  • Schedule and run multi-task jobs across multiple targets using the more powerful, feature-rich job system.
  • Create groups to monitor heterogeneous or homogeneous target groups using enhanced group management pages.
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